What We Offer Is Engagement and Conversions.


AI Tutor

AI tutor provides personalized learning, adapts to your pace, offers real-time feedback, and enhances your understanding through interactive lessons.



Brief records capturing ideas, reminders, and information. Efficient for organization, aiding memory, and facilitating communication in various contexts.


To-do List

A well-organized to-do list is invaluable for students, facilitating effective time management, prioritization, and task completion. It enhances focus and boosts productivity.


Study with Your Buddy

Boost motivation, share ideas, and conquer challenges together. Study with your buddy for a supportive, productive, and enjoyable learning experience.


Add Assignment

Enhance students with an intuitive add assignment feature, streamlining task submission, enhancing organization, and fostering efficient academic engagement.


Study Goals

Study goals feature empowers students, fostering focus, motivation, and achievement. Set objectives, track progress, and celebrate success for optimal learning

Time Tracker

Efficiently manage study hours with the time tracker feature. Stay organized, enhance productivity, and achieve academic success by tracking time effectively.


New Events

Exciting new events feature for students: streamlined organization, real-time updates, diverse options, fostering community engagement, enhancing campus connectivity.


Tracking Dashboards

Empower students with insightful tracking dashboards, offering real-time progress updates, personalized insights, and data-driven guidance for academic success.


Manage Your Sheets

Empower students with the 'Manage Your Sheets' feature for organized, collaborative, and efficient task tracking, enhancing productivity and teamwork



Flashcards enhance student learning by presenting concise information, aiding memory retention, and promoting active recall, fostering efficient and effective study.


Study Calendar

Plan assignments, exams, and study sessions efficiently. Stay organized, reduce stress, and achieve academic success, reduce stress, and achieve academic success.


Story Line Smith improves student productivity. It lets students set goals and achieve those efficiently through
powerful set of features and tools.

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